A QRcode generator for C4d

I was thinking, whitch would be the ultimate 3d tool that could change the way to do motiongraphics in the world, when I realized that a qrcode generetor right inside cinema4d was exactly what world needs.
Well… 😀
Actually I was browsing around to find how to add python modules to the c4d scripting system.
And the pyqrcode module was a perfect example trying this and producing something visually interesting.
Indeed adding an external python module is really easy. Just copy the module folder into the c4d preferences folder, under ..\library\python\packages, then of course import it inside your script.

So now there’s two ways to play with QR codes in Cinema4D: go online, get yout free qrcode image then use it as texture -boring-
take advantage of this python script and make very cool animated qrcodes for your videos. This script generates a Qrcode made of cubes that can be driven by effectors and deformers inside cinema4d. Could be a very interesting tool to add something special to your billboards. Does this inspire you any idea?

You can download the c4d file right here:


And here’s the link where to find the pyqrcode module:
(download the .zip file, extract it under ..\library\python\packages\win64 of the c4d preferences folder)


Quick guide how to add PyQRCode module to your C4D:


4 thoughts on “A QRcode generator for C4d

  1. hi, did u have the tutorial to import this script and module u provided exactly ..i try …mine os…mac and c4d R19 …but not succeed..thx for reply


    1. Hi Sam
      Actually I’ve never tested it on R19 but should not be this the problem.
      What I’ve noticed and not mentioned so far is the module folder has to be placed inside a “/win64” folder.
      Anyway I updated the post with some more explanations. I hope it can help.


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