Quick tip: C4D camera with dynamic tag

There’s many ways to add to your camera animation some dynamism. I mean that secondary movement that sometimes is necessary to add that human touch to the sequence.
What I’ve always done is to add a vibrate tag or much better an xpresso tag that add some noise to the primary movement (with the xpresso you have much more control of course).
But thinking a bit on it, this secondary movement depends more on a matter of physics than pure mathematical noise.

For that reason MotionCameraTag exist. But even easier, I just tried to add a dynamic rigidbody tag to the camera. And if you set a value on followPosition parameter avoiding the camera to fall down, you have a nice smooth secondary movement. Yep!
The advantage with dynamics is that you can think of the features that motionCam tag doesn’t have, like collisions and the chances to use forces .

There are some rules to follow considering that you’re working with dynamics. For instance you should be at frame 0 before moving a dynamic object, etc…
Because of this, I think it’s better to put the camera inside a null object and use this null for animations.

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